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Indoor Barbecue


Grilling outside is so fun and thrilling for a person who resides within the metro. It’s because very rare that you can take out your grilling equipments at your backyard ‘coz there is none especially when you are living in a condo at the 19th floor of the building. That’s too impossible!! Either you’ll be penalized by the admin of your condo  because of the complain of your angry neighborhood or you can’t really grill ‘coz you don’t have a place to do it.

Though, with the state of the art design inside the kitchen of your unit (If you’re so rich) or through a simple stove with indoor grill pan, you can still do barbecue inside but the experience that the outdoor grilling gives is totally a different story.

Since I belong to those category that has no place for grilling outside yet having a stove and a grill pan, I maximized what I have in hand.

Inspired by the menu of a resto named “Rub” at Thomas Morato Quezon City, I created my own version of an indoor barbecue that is so simple yet so tasty. Here is the recipe:

¤for the steak

1/4 kg of beef steak
Salt and pepper for seasoning
A cup of Hunt’s Original Barbecue Sauce

¤ for the side dish
A handfull of spinach
1/2 cup of sliced button mushroom
2 cloves of garlic finely chopped
2 tbsp of olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Wash and season the beef with salt and pepper.
2. Pre-heat the grill pan on your stove then place the beef and let it cook for 2 mins. and turn it over, another 2 mins. for the other side.
3. Brush both sides of the beef with the Barbecue sauce and let it cook as you desire.
4. Meanwhile, open the other burner for the side dish. Put oil on the pan and when it’s hot saute the garlic until lightly brown but don’t let it burn. Place the mushroom and saute with the garlic, add the spinach and let everything cook. Season it with salt and pepper to taste.
5. Plate the dishes together as you desire.


Enjoy the meal because me and my husband really enjoyed our lunch with this recipe I made. I will surely do this more often but still need to study and practice how this grilled beef will become juicy and tender inside and caramelized outside just like in a restaurant. ’til next time folks.


Random hand-crafted foods of 2012

2012 is a busy and very tiring year for me especially the first quarter. My mother just passed away this January and by 3rd week of April I delivered a very beautiful and healthy baby girl, she’s my first born by the way. So I really had a tough times and simply set aside my love for cooking but not my affair with food. I still watched AFC and Lifestyle to keep myself updated with new flavors and with any possible fusions. After adjusting with all that happened, I set up my kitchen again and begun cooking, going back to my dream and passion. And here are the hand-crafted foodies I made for the last 2 Months:


My first ever Banana loaf bead which turned out good though not so perfect, good enough for the first timer 😉 oh by the way I made that with the help of my dear friend Aizza and that’s actually her idea whih evolved into a business plan for the Christmas season.

The recipe of this Banana Loaf Bread

1 1/3 cups of  all purpose flour
1/2 tsp of baking soda
3/4 tsp of salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon
4 oz of butter at room temp
3/4 cups of white granulated sugar
2 medium eggs at room temp
3 to 4 medium size over ripe banana
1/2 tsp vanilla


1. Pre-heat the oven at 350° c.
2. In a clean bowl mix the flour, salt, baking soda and cinnamon. Then on a separate bowl, mix the butter and sugar until everything incorporates. Add the 2 eggs and continue mixing. Press the four  over ripe banana and incorporate with the wet mixture then add thr dry mixture one at a time until everything is mix.
3. Rub the bread pan with butter all over then put the mixture 3/4 of the pan then bake for 30 minutes.
4. After 30 mins remove from Oven and check the bread with a stick to see if the inside is cook already, if the stick has wet sticky mixture then you still need to put it back yo oven for another 3 to 5 mins. Make sure the bread will not get burn.
5. The moment it’s cook, let it cool for a few mins before removing from the pan. Let it rest on a baking rack.
¤ the mixture produces 3 medium loaves of bread

I also try some of the variety of this recipe by simply adding nuts and choco chips.

Almond Choco Banana Loaf which I also incorporated a secret ingredients to make it more delicious, yummy and you can’t stop unless you finish all. Lol 🙂 wolaaa!!!! Through enough once you bite one, you can’t stop, you can’t get enough. 🙂

After the not so sweet Banana loaf, I also tried my favorite cuisine, whatelse?!! The all time favorite Italian recipe from Pasta to Pizza. Buon Appetite!!

I love the savoury smell of cheese and tomatoes all together with Italian spices which make every plate gastronomic. Heaven on a plate as I always here from Giadda L. See what I crafted here:


From the recipe of Giada de L. – “Giada at Home” (Home-made Marinara Sauce) It taste so good!!! I modified her ingredients and made a little twist by adding my secret it’s a secret so I won’t tell you guys. Here is her recipe.


Since Italian food is not complete without the taste of Pizza so I took everything I have inside my fridge and turned it into  mouth-watering Pizza Margherita with two faces. Here are the results:



I got the recipe from stumble upon apps of my samsung note and thought of doing this by experiment. And tsarannnn!!!looks good and as far as my palate is concern, goshh it taste so Italian. So simple but oh so Italian inside my dwelling place. I don’t need to go out and spend a lot just to have a sumptuous Italian foods. I wish all of you can taste it as well. But oh em!! I finished the two by myself. Lol.

After eating everything I baked, I still have one pizza dough left over. (by the way I made the pizza dough from the scratch) I was watching Lifestyle Network show “Baking Made Easy” by Lorein Pascal (I hope I spelled it right) and I was fascinated with her Rosemary Bread so I mimic her recipe and here is what happened:


Forgive me for eating almost half of it before I was able to take picture of it. So obvious I loved it. Lol!

I love every bite of my very own hand-crafted foods and no wonder I was able to come back writing my foodie blog. I hope you also enjoy everything I shared about my kitchen adventures and be inspired to create some whenever your schedule permits you to do so. Remember that eating and cooking is fun and enjoyable especially if you share and do it with someone. Gracias!!!

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What’s cooking at Mari’s Kitchen

   June has been a busy month for me but cooking will never be forgotten.

I had given a chance to cook several times for some occasions like birthday of a friend and a simple lunch at home.

Since I am a Pasta Lover, I love cooking pasta especially for a precious friend and loved-ones. I hardly recall during our Field Work in Nakar, my friend Alynn used to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for us. We were so user friendly but she was so patient cooking for us. I was actually inspired on how she was able to fixed delicious foodie for us in a remote area of Nakar. We enjoyed heavenly plate at the country side of Quezon.

I am convinced that every Cook deserve to have sumptuous Pasta on his/her birthday so I was compelled to pay back her generosity with Pasta-full of love and thoughtfulness. It’s a privilege to serve her my home-made craft at least on her birthday.

After Pasta Mania, one of the idle Fridays of the month, I found myself in a journey around our kitchen to check whether all my guts are available to open our oven since it’s only my second time to bake. But true enough, I was able to create a baked chicken with thyme, rosemary, other herds and spices which made our lunch and dinner gastronomic. Cooking Pasta is heavenly but baking chicken is another story.

I also tried doing something different in a Filipino table by preparing a Chinese Hot Pot Shabu-Shabu – Macau Street Food inspired, one dinner. I emulated the curry  taste of Macau’s Hot Pot and it was successful. It created a unique texture combined with spicy sauce and sesame oil. We were as if back in China.

Now, my kitchen is open for a new recipe lists as July say hello to us. In rainy season like this, home is the best resto for every hungry soul in your family so keep cooking.

Late Summer Get away…=)

             Summer is one of the seasons in the Philippines that is most awaited and most enjoyed by people. However, for busy people like me and my hubby, summer just come and go but before it completely leave only shadow of memories from the pictures of our friends in FB; we better make time and swim in the beach while the Sun is still at its hot mode.

             Now, we’re here at Canyon Cove in Nasugbu, Batangas. We brought our dear friends here so that the experience is more fun and exciting.

            On our way this morning, we stopped by at Bag of Beans Tagaytay for our gastronomic  breakfast. The food is so good, satisfying and overwhelming for its big sizes. I just forgot to brought out my camera so I just downloaded the available pictures in the internet of what we’ve eaten.

Bag of Beans Tagaytay

Bag of Beans Tagaytay - this is one of the two pictures I was able to take before we proceed to Nasugbu=)

For our starter, we got a delicious Raisin Bread with the aroma of enticing Cinnamon.

Raisin Bread - Google Image

             Then I got Boneless Bangus in which I was stomach overload after trying to finish everything in my heavenly plate.

From internet

From internet - Google image

              My hubby, Ptr. Noel and her lovely wife Ms. MJ ordered Beef Tapa.

From internet

From internet - Google Image

               But the remarkable of all is the bottomless house brewed coffee for Bob and Ptr. Noel. Ms. Mj got her Hot Choco while I had my cup of cafe mocha. We all enjoyed our hot morning drinks.

From internet

Brewed Coffee (internet) - Google Image

Hot Choco - Google Image

Cafe Mocha - Google Image

After the sumptuous first meal of the day, we headed to the destination with two bag of beans in hazelnut flavor so that we can share the aroma to our lovedones when we get home.

I also took this one.

Our Summer Get-Away has just begun and I am excited to blog more from what we’ll be enjoying for the next two days stay here at Canyon Cove. I’ll keep you all posted.


Mari’s Kitchen

Hi! I am Mari Agot, a home-cook, a fulltime wife and mom of my lovely daughter Sofia. I am a foodie and obviously I love to eat and cook. I believe that food is one of the best, if not the best way, for people of different status, culture, sectors and nationality to come together and feast over the long table.

Mari’s Kitchen is my way of expressing myself and sharing to people the product of my everyday thoughts which will become reality inside my kitchen. Housewife like me normally finds their passion in the kitchen especially those who are also home-bakers and home-makers of foodielicious products at home.

Follow me as I share every delicious and nutritious meals and recipe I’ll place here together with  my blogs. Enjoy!