What’s cooking at Mari’s Kitchen

   June has been a busy month for me but cooking will never be forgotten.

I had given a chance to cook several times for some occasions like birthday of a friend and a simple lunch at home.

Since I am a Pasta Lover, I love cooking pasta especially for a precious friend and loved-ones. I hardly recall during our Field Work in Nakar, my friend Alynn used to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for us. We were so user friendly but she was so patient cooking for us. I was actually inspired on how she was able to fixed delicious foodie for us in a remote area of Nakar. We enjoyed heavenly plate at the country side of Quezon.

I am convinced that every Cook deserve to have sumptuous Pasta on his/her birthday so I was compelled to pay back her generosity with Pasta-full of love and thoughtfulness. It’s a privilege to serve her my home-made craft at least on her birthday.

After Pasta Mania, one of the idle Fridays of the month, I found myself in a journey around our kitchen to check whether all my guts are available to open our oven since it’s only my second time to bake. But true enough, I was able to create a baked chicken with thyme, rosemary, other herds and spices which made our lunch and dinner gastronomic. Cooking Pasta is heavenly but baking chicken is another story.

I also tried doing something different in a Filipino table by preparing a Chinese Hot Pot Shabu-Shabu – Macau Street Food inspired, one dinner. I emulated the curry  taste of Macau’s Hot Pot and it was successful. It created a unique texture combined with spicy sauce and sesame oil. We were as if back in China.

Now, my kitchen is open for a new recipe lists as July say hello to us. In rainy season like this, home is the best resto for every hungry soul in your family so keep cooking.


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